Video Streaming Playlists – Sample Page

This is the sample page of the Members Area – Video Streaming Playlists.
You can watch only the 1st and 2nd playlists as sample-videos.

To enjoy the complete playlists, please subscribe the membership!

Playlist Categories

The categories and titles are expanded continually!

How to operate the playlist?

  1. Previous track
  2. 10 sec. backword
  3. Play / pause
  4. 10 sec. forward
  5. Next track
  6. Current playing time
  7. Whole playing time
  8. Volume control
  9. Repeat type (repeat 1 track / playlist / shaffle)
  10. Audio only (to save traffic volume)
  11. Jump to… (shows track list and durations)
  12. Full screen

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Music Styles


The form of “album” – it comes from LP record – is out of date…
I produced albums until 2015. After then I produce only single tracks and playlists for streaming and download.