Naochika Sogabe – Composer, Oud & Lute Player

News: I was invited to the 2nd Global Oud Forum!

The Global Oud Forum takes place as part of Abu Dhabi Festival. Given the current circumstances, for 2021 the forum will be held online.
You can watch the performance at 05. June 2021, 16:00 GMT on YouTube live!

Traditional Instruments – Modern Music

Oud & Lute – King of Instruments

Oud and lute have extraordinary wide range of tonal and technical possibility of expression.

The origin of oud belongs to the ancient times and similar instruments were used by the Sumerian, the Babylonian and ancient Egyptian. In Arabic culture, oud is played as “king of the instruments” until today.

The oud found his way to Europe in medieval times it became “lute”. From the Middle Ages until “Piano” was found, the lute was regarded as “king of the instruments”.

Oud and lute have same origins indeed, but they have amazingly different character of sound. They complement optimally each other to express most diverse elements.

Naochika Sogabe – I want to build bridges…

I’m searching for new aesthetics with these tradition instruments. They have such a large possibilities for expression.
I was born in Japan and now live at the border between France and Germany.
I studied historical music of Europe and ethnomusicology in Cologne (Germany) and in The Hague (Netherlands).
I dance and teach also Argentine Tango.

I’m Japanese, play European and Arabic instruments, compose with traditional and modern elements from Japan, Europe, Arab etc., dance Argentine tango etc.
I’m working also active for the understanding between religions.

My good friend, pastor Tim Kahlen called me “Brückenbauer (bridge builder)”. I think it would not be false…


I give thanks to everyone who gave me such fine words…

Roland Kunz – singer (countertenor), musician, radio host “Naochika Sogabe dare to sound with his lute instruments like lute and oud contemplative crossing the border between world music, jazz and rock…” 

Tim Kahlen – Pastor “I invited Naochika to our mass, because he is an extraordinary “bridge builder”. Naochika combine through his playing, his engagement and his biography most various musical style, culture and denominations as a matter of course . A lutenist, who studied early music in the Netherlands and today shuttles between France and Germany and talks multiple languages at home. A Buddhist who apply himself into the interreligious dialogue between Jews, Christians and Muslims. All these things is Naochika. On the Bridge he built, meet such different origin. And it’s my pleasure to go on it.”

Ronn Mcfarlane – Grammy-nominated musician/ USA “Well done Naochika!  Beautifully played and produced.”

Sister Angelique – Chapelle St. Croix, France (After the playing in the chapel) “Naochika, while you are playing, you are communicating with god.”