Music for Your Soul

Nao Sogage was invited to the Global Oud Forum 2021 as solist.

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I’m grateful for your positive feedbacks! And I’m glad that you use my music on YouTube in your life!
But the revenue of YouTube is so few that I can buy some breads. I need your financial support if I continue my projects.
I don’t use any crowdfunding like Patreon, but I offer a subscription of music streaming of my music.

As membership you can support me financially and you receive various returns:

– Video and music streaming without advertising
– Reductions for music-download
– Personal consultation about music, spirituality and psychology

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I’m a composer, oud and lute player from Japan and live at the border between France/Germany.
I compose and play modern style music on these traditional instruments – and try to touch your soul and support your daily life.

I studied historical music and music ethnology in Cologne/Germany and the Hague/Netherlands.

Oud & Lute – King of Instruments

The origin of the oud belongs to the ancient times and similar instruments were used by the Babylonian and ancient Egyptian. Until today, oud is played as the “king of instruments” in Arabic culture.
The oud found his way to Europe in medieval times and it became “lute”. During the Renaissance the lute was also regarded as the “king of instruments”.


I give thanks to everyone who gave me such fine words…

Roland Kunz – singer (countertenor), musician, radio host “Naochika Sogabe dare to sound with his lute instruments like lute and oud contemplative crossing the border between world music, jazz and rock…” 

Tim Kahlen – Pastor “I invited Naochika to our mass, because he is an extraordinary “bridge builder”. Naochika combine through his playing, his engagement and his biography most various musical style, culture and denominations as a matter of course . A lutenist, who studied early music in the Netherlands and today shuttles between France and Germany and talks multiple languages at home. A Buddhist who apply himself into the interreligious dialogue between Jews, Christians and Muslims. All these things is Naochika. On the Bridge he built, meet such different origin. And it’s my pleasure to go on it.”

Ronn Mcfarlane – Grammy-nominated musician/ USA “Well done Naochika!  Beautifully played and produced.”

Sister Angelique – Chapelle St. Croix, France (After the playing in the chapel) “Naochika, while you are playing, you are communicating with god.”