Online Lesson

Lesson via Skype or Zoom

– Efficient learning with “exercise-prescription” –

A free trial lesson!


– Efficient learning –

I’ll give you efficient exercise and you can reach your aim taking as little time
as possible.

– Healthy playing posture

I show you the ergonomic playing poture to enjoy the instruments without complaints for a long time.

– Stroke techniques –

A good instrument can sound only “halfway” good without the appropriate stroke technique.

Even if you own a mediocre instrument, you can let it sound so good, that it would be an extraordinary good instrument. And with the better stroke techniques you can express musically much more.

– Artistic expression

Even if you feel much emotions alone during playing instrument, the listener can’t feel them.  You need techniques to express them. I’d like to show you how to express artistic expressions so that they reach the listner.

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Information about the lessons:

You can also take the lessons via Skype, IMO and WhatsApp!

Lessons of the following instruments:

Baroque lute, Renaissance lute, gallichon
Arabic oud, Turkish oud

In my studio: 39 Euro/lesson
Per Skype: 29 Euro/lesson

– The first lesson is a free trial lesson.
– One lesson takes 45 minutes.
– Please read the general terms and conditions.

Place of the lesson:
In my studio in Saarbrücken, Germany
online lesson via Skype etc.

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