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Efficient learning

I’ll give you efficient exercise for your fast progress.

Healthy playing posture

I show you the ergonomic playing technique to enjoy the instruments without complaints for a long time.

Stroke techniques

I receive many positive comments about my playing and also about the beautiful sound, thank you very much! And many listners of my music ask me, who made my instrument, what kind of strings I use… I thinhk, they want to know the reason of the beautiful sound…

The key to the really beautiful sound is neither instrument nor strings – It’s stroke technique – how you attack the strings.

Good instrument and good strings help for good sound, but without appropriate stroke techniques, it’s impossible to create a beautiful sound.
I’ll show you the stroke techniques for better sound for guitar, oud and lute. Then you can enjoy your instrument much better!

You can learn all kinds of the following instruments

lute – Renaissance, baroque etc.
oud – Arabic, Turkish etc.
guitar – acoustic, electric, classical, flamenco etc.

It’s online-lesson via Skype or Zoom. You need a internet device with microphone and webcam,.

29 Euro for 45 minuts
The first appointment is a free trial lesson.

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