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Sound from the Ancient World -
Lute & Oud - The Oldest String Instrument of the Humankind

Lute, oud and electric guitar - the main instruments of Naochika Sogabe. Lute and oud have extraordinary wide range of tonal and technical possibility of expression.

The origin of oud belongs to the ancient times and similar instruments were used by the Sumerian, the Babylonian and ancient Egyptian. In Arabic culture, oud is played as "king of the instruments" until today.

The oud found his way to Europe in medieval times it became "lute". During the Renaissance the lute was regarded as "king of the instruments".

Oud and lute have same origins indeed, but they have amazingly different character of sound. They complement optimally each other to express most diverse elements.


Naochika Sogabe -
Artist without border

Japanese musician, composer and dancer Naochika Sogabe studied historical music of Europe and ethnomusicology in Cologne (Germany) and in The Hague (Netherlands).

His main instruments are lute, oud and electric guitar. But in his recordings he plays all instruments like violine, bass guitar, percussions etc.

His CDs and albums are distributed wordlwide by the label Erransona Records

He works also as a dancer of the Argentine tango and he dances in his concerts to his own recordings.

He lives now at the border between France and Germany - You can watch the beauty of this region in his videos he produces.

Here you can find his music productions

Here vou can find the reviews about Naochika


Beauty, Emotion, Atmosphere -
Far Beyond Borders

World music, lyrical rock, ambient music, baroque music etc. - Depending on which type of beauty, emotion or atmosphere should be expressed - Naochika Sogabe uses each music genre and composition techniques

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Genuine beauty, genuine expression - What is the difference between "genuine" and "pseudo"?

For the genuine beauty and expression in music, there are so many requirements to clear - Construction and rhetoric of the composition, sound, expression in macro(phrase, part etc.)- and micro range (each note, between each note) and m uch more...

Oud and lute are suitable for this purpose - However, it's highly difficult to master them. Naochika plays the instruments with perfection and can express every atmosphere.


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