title list

After the Rain
Lute and synthesizer

Lute, synthesizer and marc tree

Ben Youssef Madrasa or Divine Silence
2x oud, frame drum
Ben Youssef Madrasa was a college in Marrakesh, Morocco. Now it is open as museum for public. When we visited it, we were alone – it was after a terror attack in Marrakesh. There was only divine silence in this large monument.
Link to Wikipedia:

Oud duo and frame drum
I made this track after the impression of the market “Jemaa el-Fnaa” in Marrakesh/Morocco

Bulerias en Rondeau
Flamenco guitar, hand percussion
Bulerias is a very fast flamenco music in 12/8 time

Clear Air
2x electric guitars, electric bass, frame drum, synthesizer
Slow progressive metal in 10/8 time

Comfortable Wave
Minimal music and improvisation with Lute

Dialogue with Birds
Lute and nature sound

Dialogue with Lute and Oud

Endless Azure
Minimal music with lute and nature sound
Minimal music in 7/8 time

Evening Star (Oriental Space Oud Music)
Oud, marc tree and synthesizer

Fairy Tale Forest
Lute solo in medieval scale

Falling Leaves
Lute solo in Japanese scale

First Light
Lute and Oud

Lute, electric guitar, electric bass, drums, frame drum
The rhythm is 9/8 time in irregular beat (4-3-2). It’s the typical rhythm of Roman Havasi, turkish gipsy. You find many videos of it in Youtube.

Hanging Gardens of Babylon
Lute, electric guitar, electric bass, drums, frame drums, strings

Hells Hill
Lute solo
I wrote it as capriccio – improvisative, virtuoso piece.
Hells Hill means “Hölleberg” a hill in Lorraine/France. It’s a beautiful place, but so very rough and steep, that sheeps could drop down. It’s really wonderful place and I made various videos – Inori, May It Be and for this track.

Holy Sword
Lute, Tibetan zimbel, synthesizer
In Shinto, traditional religion in Japan, still exists the holy sword.
I wrote it in style of Japanese court music “Gagaku”.

Hells Hill
Lute solo

Hymne à la Beauté
7string electric guitar solo
“Hymne à la Beauté” is a poet of Charles Baudelaire. Here is a part of the poem:
What difference, then, from heaven or from hell,
O Beauty, monstrous in simplicity?
If eye, smile, step can open me the way
To find unknown, sublime infinity?

Lute, electric guitar, electric bass, drums, strings
The key changes very often, you could cross each border…

Illimitable – acoustic version
Lute solo

In the Heart of the Riad
Oud and frame drum
Riad is a traditional house with beautiful patio in Morroco. As tourist, you can stay in it.

In the Heart of the Riad (YouTube version)
Oud solo

In the Medieval Courtyard
Gallichon (lute in 19th century) and violin

Inner Voice
Oud solo

Inori (Prayer)
Lute, electric guitar, percussion and strings
I made this piece for the understanding between various religions.

Inori (Prayer) acoustic version
Baroque lute solo
With prelude in half tone step
I made this piece for the understanding between various religions.

Lute, electric guitar, electric bass, drums and strings
I wrote it in 8/8 time (3-3-2) in the first half, then 10/8 (3-3-4) to the end. I made the soli of oud and guitar like a dialogue.

Flamenco guitar solo
Tarantas (almost free rhythm). Iwakura is the town in Japan in which I grew up.

Killing Beauty
Lute, elec tric guitar, electric bass, drums, strings

L’invitation à l’Errance
Gallichon (lute in 19th century) solo in 7/8 time

La Conteuse
Oud and frame drum

Le Dodo
Lute solo
Inspired by the harpsichord music of François Couperin (1668-1733), organist at the court of Versaille, “Le Dodo, ou l’Amour au Berceau”, in which he utilised the popular French lullaby “Do-Do l’Enfant Do.

Lost Story
Flamenco guitar, hand percussion
Fandango, based on 3/4 time (but there are many variations).
I wrote this main theme when I was 16 years old.

Oud solo

lute & oud in slow stable rhythm

Milonga à la Frontière
Lute solo
Milonga is a music form of Argentine tango. I wrote it in  slow tempo.

Morning Star
Lute, electric guitar and synthesizer

Morning Sun
Minimal music with lute

Mother of Pearl
3x Oud, electric guitar, frame drum and strings

Mother of Pearl (acoustic version)
Oud trio

Narrating Strings
Lute solo

New Horizon
Oud solo

Oud duo
I composed it in the style of “nocturne”, which known as the works of Frédéric Chopin.

Notre-Dame Rediscovered
3x Oud
I composed in the style of Notre-Dame School in the 12th Century in Paris/France. About the Notre-Dame school please look Wikipedia:

Lute solo

Lute solo

Preamble – Troubadour and Knight
Flamenco guitar, electric guitar, electric bass, drums, strings
Troubadour and Knight had opposite social function in the Middle Ages. But the most troubadours were even knights. They mastered two opposite skills.

Promenade in the Snow Forest
Minimal music with Lute

Purifying Water – Japan Impression
Lute solo
Composed in Japanese scale. I modified the scale a bit.

Red Sand and Wind
3x Oud, frame drum, synthesizer

Lute and strings

Regreso al Amor
Lute solo
A Tango music of Astor Piazzolla

Slow-metal with oud, electric guitar, electric bass, drums, frame drum, bell, strings
“Rose” is the ornements at the sound hole of oud and lute.

Oud, synthesizer
Sakura is a Japanese cherry blossom. Hanami, Japanese cherry blossom celebration is very known.
My hometown Iwakura is known for its 1440 big sakura trees of ober 200 years old.

Sign of the Dream
Lute, flamenco guitar, synthesizer, hand percussion
I made it after the Haiku (short Japanese poen) of Basho (17th Century).
He stands on the green field, where took place brutal battle in the 12th Century. It’s a comfortable early summer, he can still feel the unfulfilled dreams of warriors…

Soleá – Sacrifice
Flamenco guitar solo
soleá – traditional flamenco in 12/8 time

Soleil en Provence
Minimal music with lute and nature sound
The nature sound is the singing of cicadas in Provence. I recorded it near Avignon.

The Companion
Electric guitar, lute and synthesizer

The Rite
Electric guitar, lute, electric bass, drums, strings
I composed this heavy metal track in 8 tone scale (that is to say one tone more than common scale) from the Russian classical music like Stravinsky, Khachaturian. This piece don’t have any harmonic structure. I made it homophonic like Renaissace music.

The Last Trial
Lute, flemanco guitar, electric guitar, electric bass, drums, strings

The Wind of Incertitude
Oud trio, frame drum, Tibetan zimbel

Uzume (Goddess of Dance)
Heavy Metal with lute, oud, electric guitar, electric bass, frame drum, Tibetan zimbel, synthesizer
Uzume is a goddess in Shinto, Japanese traditional religion.
Once the sun goddess Ameterasu (Yes, the most important god for Japanese is FEMALE.) was angry and hide in the cave and the world became dark. Uzume danced before the cave. Amaterasu became curious and came out from the cave. So the world got the light again.

White Cliffs Sunset
Lute, electric bass and synthesizer
I wrote it after the trip in Provence/France

Lute, synthesizer

Willow – baroque lute solo
Lute solo improvisation