Sensual Experience – Playlist

You can find thousands of music titled “sunsual ” or “love making music” on YouTube. Most of them are down-beat lounge music with young female voice or saxophone. All these tracks sound almost same… (Moreover, your female partner don’t need other female voice in your bedroom!)
The following music step up the sensual pleasure between you and your partner.

Playlist 01 – Sensual Experience (54:55)

Playlist 02 – Sensual Experience (52:39)

Playlist 01 – Sensusal Experience

About the titles

01 Embrace
Dialogue between lute and oud

02 Fairy Tale Forest
Lute solo

03 Refuge
Lute and strings

04 Endless Azure
Lute and nature sound

05 In the Medieval Courtyard
Gallichon (lute in the 19th Century), violin

06 White Cliffs Sunset
Lute, electric bass, synthesizer

07 Promenade in the Snow Forest
Lute solo

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Playlist 02 – Sensual Experience

About the titles

01 Comfortable Wave
Lute solo

02 Falling Leaves
Lute solo in japanese scale

03 Morning Sun
Minimal music with lute

04 Awakening
Lute, marc tree and synthesizer

05 First Light
Lute and Oud

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