Driving Music – Playlist

For your pleasant driving – without to open the throttle…

Playlist 01 – Driving Music (51:31)

Playlist 02 – Driving Music (53:14)

Playlist 03 – Driving Music (50:49)

Playlist 01 – Driving Music

About the titles

01 Killing Beauty
Lute, electric guitar, electric bass, drums, strings

02 Falling Leaves
Lute solo in Japanese scale

03 Lost Story
Flamenco guitar, hand percussion
I made it in rhythm of fandango, Spanish dance.

04 Comfortable Wave
Lute solo

05 In the Heart of the Riad
Oud and frame drum
Riad is a traditional house with beautiful patio in Morroco. As tourist, you can stay in it.

06 Morning Sun
Minimal music with lute

07 Roses
Slow-metal with oud, electric guitar, electric bass, drums, frame drum, bell, strings
“Rose” is the ornements at the sound hole of oud and lute.

Playlist 02 – Driving Music

About the titles

01 Morning Star
Lute, electric guitar and synthesizer

02 Bazaar
Oud duo and frame drum
I made this track after the impression of the market “Jemaa el-Fnaa” in Marrakesh/Morocco

03 Bulerias en Rondeau
Flamenco guitar, hand percussion
Bulerias is a very fast flamenco music in 12/8 time

04 Fairy Tale Forest
Lute solo in medieval scale

05 Illimitable
Lute, electric guitar, electric bass, drums, strings
The key changes very often, you could cross each border…

06 Promenade in the Snow Forest
Minimal music with Lute

07 Refuge
Lute and strings

08 The Wind of Incertitude
Oud trio, frame drum, Tibetan zimbel

09 White Cliffs Sunset
Lute, electric bass and synthesizer
I wrote it after the trip in Provence/France

Playlist 03 – Driving Music

About the titles

01 Gipsy
Lute, electric guitar, electric bass, drums, frame drum
The rhythm is 9/8 time in irregular beat (4-3-2). It’s the typical rhythm of Roman Havasi, turkish gipsy. You find many videos of it in Youtube.

02 Clear Air
2x electric guitars, electric bass, frame drum, synthesizer
Slow progressive metal in 10/8 time

03 Endless Azure
Minimal music with lute and nature sound
Minimal music in 7/8 time

04 Isis
Lute, electric guitar, electric bass, drums and strings
I wrote it in 8/8 time (3-3-2) in the first half, then 10/8 (3-3-4) to the end. I made the soli of oud and guitar like a dialogue.

05 Inori (Prayer)
Lute, electric guitar, percussion and strings
I made this piece for the understanding between various religions.

06 First Light
Lute and Oud

07 The Rite
Electric guitar, lute, electric bass, drums, strings
I composed this heavy metal track in 8 tone scale (that is to say one tone more than common scale) from the Russian classical music like Stravinsky, Khachaturian. This piece don’t have any harmonic structure. I made it homophonic like Renaissace music.

08 Mother of Pearl
3x Oud, electric guitar, frame drum and strings

09 Soleil en Provence
Minimal music with lute and nature sound
The nature sound is the singing of cicadas in Provence. I recorded it near Avignon.

10 Uzume (Goddess of Dance)
Heavy Metal with lute, oud, electric guitar, electric bass, frame drum, Tibetan zimbel, synthesizer
Uzume is a goddess in Shinto, Japanese traditional religion.
Once the sun goddess Ameterasu (Yes, the most important god for Japanese is FEMALE.) was angry and hide in the cave and the world became dark. Uzume danced before the cave. Amaterasu became curious and came out from the cave. So the world got the light again.