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The form of “album” – it comes from LP record – is nice, but it could restrict artistic posibility of music, I think…
I produced albums until 2015. After then I produce only single tracks and playlists for streaming and download.

Mother of Pearl (2015)

Gipsy (4:43)
Playlist "Mother of Pearl"
Endless Azure

Endless Azure (2013)

Endless Azure (5:16)
Playlist "Endless Azure" (sample)

Les Deux Reines (2012))

Invitation au Voyage (6:08)
Playlist "Les Deux Reines" (sample)

The Troubadour and the Knight (2010)

Preamble - Troubadour and Knight (5:21)
Playlist "Troubadour and Knight" (sample)

Ryujin (2006)

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