Peaceful Music – Free Playlist

If you are looking for peace through music, listen the following playlist!

Playlist 01 – Peaceful Music (56:47)

Playlist 02 – Peaceful Music (56:48)

Playlist 03 – Peaceful Music (56:50)

Playlist 01 – Peaceful Music

About the titles

01 Comfortable Wave
Minimal music and improvisation with Lute

02 Endless Azure
Minimal music with lute and nature sound

03 Holy Sword
Lute, Tibetan zimbel, synthesizer
In Shinto, traditional religion in Japan, still exists the holy sword.
I wrote it in style of Japanese court music “Gagaku”.

04 Clear Air
2x electric guitars, electric bass, frame drum, synthesizer
Slow progressive metal in 10/8 time

05 Mother of Pearl (acoustic version)
Oud trio

06 Noël
Lute solo

07 Sakura
Oud, synthesizer
Sakura is a Japanese cherry blossom. Hanami, Japanese cherry blossom celebration is very known.
My hometown Iwakura is known for its 1440 big sakura trees of ober 200 years old.

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Playlist 02 – Peaceful Music

About the titles

01 Morning Star
Lute, electric guitar and synthesizer

02 Metamorphosis
lute & oud in slow stable rhythm

03 Awakening
Lute, synthesizer and marc tree

04 Fairy Tale Forest
Lute solo in medieval scale

05 Inori (Prayer)
Lute, electric guitar, percussion and strings
I made this piece for the understanding between various religions.

06 Le Dodo
Lute solo

07 Mother of Pearl
3x Oud, electric guitar, frame drum and strings

08 Refuge
Lute and strings

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Playlist 03 – Peaceful Music

About the titles

01 Embrace
Dialogue with Lute and Oud

02 Dialogue with Birds
Lute and nature sound

03 In the Medieval Courtyard
Gallichon (lute in 19th century) and violin

04 Morning Sun
Minimal music with lute

05 Soleil en Provence
Minimal music with lute and nature sound

06 Promenade in the Snow Forest
Minimal music with Lute

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