Oud Music – Playlist

The Oldest String Instrument of the Humankind

The origin of the oud belongs to the ancient times and similar instruments were used by the Babylonian and ancient Egypt an. In Arabic culture, oud is played as “king of the instruments” until today.
I compose modern style music on oud – But I play traditional oud and try to use whole possibility of expression with its sound.

Playlist 01 – Oud Music (52:44)

Playlist 02 – Oud Music (53:39)

Playlist 03 – Oud Music (56:30)

Playlist 01 – Oud Music

About the titles

01 In the Heart of the Riad (YouTube version)
Oud solo

02 Notre-Dame Rediscovered
3x Oud
I composed in the style of Notre-Dame School in the 12th Century in Paris/France. About the Notre-Dame school please look Wikipedia:

03 Roses
Slow-metal with oud, electric guitar, electric bass, drums, frame drum, bell, strings
“Rose” is the ornements at the sound hole of oud and lute.

04 Bazaar
Oud duo and frame drum
I made this track after the impression of the market “Jemaa el-Fnaa” in Marrakesh/Morocco

05 Inner Voice
Oud solo

06 Isis
Lute, electric guitar, electric bass, drums and strings
I wrote it in 8/8 time (3-3-2) in the first half, then 10/8 (3-3-4) to the end. I made the soli of oud and guitar like a dialogue.

07 Mother of Pearl (acoustic version)
Oud trio

08 Oud Meditation 014
Oud solo

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Playlist 02 – Oud Music

About the titles

01 Embrace
Dialogue with Lute and Oud

02 Mother of Pearl
3x Oud, electric guitar, frame drum and strings

03 La Conteuse
Oud and frame drum

04 Uzume (Goddess of Dance)
Heavy Metal with lute, oud, electric guitar, electric bass, frame drum, Tibetan zimbel, synthesizer
Uzume is a goddess in Shinto, Japanese traditional religion.
Once the sun goddess Ameterasu (Yes, the most important god for Japanese is FEMALE.) was angry and hide in the cave and the world became dark. Uzume danced before the cave. Amaterasu became curious and came out from the cave. So the world got the light again.

05 Metamorphosis
lute & oud in slow stable rhythm

06 The Wind of Incertitude
Oud trio, frame drum, Tibetan zimbel

07 In the Heart of the Riad
Oud and frame drum
Riad is a traditional house with beautiful patio in Morroco. As tourist, you can stay in it.

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Playlist 03 – Oud Music

About the titles

01 Red Sand and Wind
3x Oud, frame drum, synthesizer

02 Ben Youssef Madrasa or Divine Silence
2x oud, frame drum
Ben Youssef Madrasa was a college in Marrakesh, Morocco. Now it is open as museum for public. When we visited it, we were alone – it was after a terror attack in Marrakesh. There was only divine silence in this large monument.
Link to Wikipedia:

03Oriental Space Ambient Oud Music
Oud, marc tree and synthesizer

04 Nocturne
Oud duo
I composed it in the style of “nocturne”, which known as the works of Frédéric Chopin.

05 Sakura
Oud, synthesizer
Sakura is a Japanese cherry blossom. Hanami, Japanese cherry blossom celebration is very known.
My hometown Iwakura is known for its 1440 big sakura trees of ober 200 years old.

06 Magnolie
Oud solo

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