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Mother of Pearl

copyright 2015 Erransona Records

- Crossing the border between world music, jazz and rock through the Silk Road -

In the album "Endless Azure" was each piece like a painting. Here, each title tells a story with various scenes. Therefor I used much more instruments. At the recording I often needed more than 20 tracks.

I live in a city at the border between France and Germany. Here you go to France to buy a baguett for the breakfast, or go shopping to Germany if you'd like to have something for your garden...
The album really crosses the border between various music ganres - while you are listining you cross from a genre to an another one, like in my city...

01 Gipsy
02 Mother of Pearl
03 Killing Beauty
04 Inori-Prayer
05 Uzume (Goddess of Dance)
06 Morning Star
07 Isis
08 Hanging Gardens of Babylon
09 Roses

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