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"Endless Azure"
Minimal music is one of the important elements of my composition. The rhythm of this piece is a rapid 7/8 beat. The last interval tritone is dedicated to the same-named see god. Apropos, in this album I used (and hided) many symbolic figures. Here I'll tell you some of them…
Instruments: lute, korg triton, field recording, electric bass

"Fairy Tale Forest"
It doesn't mean a fantasy-forest, it's a forest at the border between Germany and France. The ground is filled with colorful leaves, ivies on the mossy trees, a stream crosses in the wood. It wouldn't be astonishing if you see some sprites are playing about the trees or a druid is looking for some herbs…
Instrument: lute

"Soleil en Provence"
Summer in the Provence – The cicadas are your permanent companion. As minimal music in 5/8 beat I tried to express the vivid light of the Provence which so many artists – Above all the impressionists - let fascinate.
Instruments: lute, korg triton, field recording

"Red Sand and Wind"
It's Sahara, it's so hostile to life but has its own beauty. For this piece, oud is tuned extremely low. Here I present some kind of beauty that accompanied with death.
Instruments: oud, frame drum, korg triton

To illustrate a vital (and hectic) scene of souk (bazaar) in Morocco I composed for two ouds contrapunctually.
Instruments: oud, frame drum

"Falling Leaves"
The sole piece of this album which leads you to Japan. The number "5" is the key of this piece – 5/8 beats, pentatonic etc.

"Dialogue with Birds"
Many musicians experience – When we practice with opened window, the birds begin to sing and compete with us…
Instruments: lute, field recording

"Promenade in the Snow Forest"
There is a forest area where I go for a walk also in snow in winter. The silence, the fresh air, the smell… It's one of my important creative sources.
Instrument: Lute

"In the Medieval Courtyard"
With gallichon (a follower of the lute in the 18th century) I described a medieval courtyard. For the drone which sounds like a hardy-gurdy I played the violin with slightly dryly and I made a loop from it.
Instruments: gallichon, violin

"Ben Youssef Madrasa or Divine Silence"
Ben Youssef Madrasa was an Islamic college in Marrakesh which built in the 16th century. It's said to be the most beautiful Islamic architecture in Arab-Andalusian-region. Today, the madrasa is opened to the public and we can admire its extraordinary beauty. I composed and played the impression as "divine silence".
Instruments: oud, frame drum

"White Cliffs Sunset"
At the end of a hot day at the cliff, the sun colors all of us in its color. The white cliff at the sea becomes its canvas. The lute is accompanied by the very low tuned electric bass which reaches sub contra b-flat (ca. 29 Hz). It won't be played with some equipment, I'm sorry…
Instruments: lute, korg triton, electric bass




Endless Azure

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It might sound unlikely, but after my concerts I get many similar feedback like: "Your lute relocates me to another world!", "I was just in the garden of Babylon!" or "After you played only some notes with your oud, I really saw Sahara…" I hear that the audience experiences something special and it gives me courage to continue my works. The concept of this album came up also from this fact.
This album is made as ambient music. Please don't confuse with background music – Background music is adapted for the ambiences passively. Ambient music creates the ambiences actively.

You can use this album for the various occations. E.g. if you are under stress, you could take a comfortable place and listen this music to relax, to charge energy or also just to enjoy the journey in another world. In order to create appropriate ambience, you can also use it for various activities – at work (if possible), in everyday life and for leisure or yoga, tai-chi, massage or meditation.

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